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Give your members and employees the care they deserve, supported every step of the way by a Pelvic Health Specialist. Bloom is for women and individuals with vaginal anatomy.

Quality care without compromise
A staggering 25% of women will face pelvic disorders in their lives, impacting work, family, and happiness. Despite this, women’s pelvic health continues to be frequently dismissed. Bloom will be the difference.
How prevalent are pelvic disorders?

1 in 4

Women have moderate to severe pelvic health disorders

1 in 7

Women have chronic pelvic pain

1 in 3

Women suffer from bladder issues

74 %

Women aged 40-59 suffer from prolapse

28 %

Adult women experience painful intercourse

45 %

Women with pelvic pain report reduced productivity

Your population deserves relief

Tailored by clinical experts, Bloom addresses the symptoms of major pelvic-health disorders.

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Pelvic Pain
Sexual Health
Bladder & Bowel Disorders
Compassionate clinical-grade care

Benefits of Clinical + Convenience of Digital

Bloom device
Pelvic Health Specialists (PHSs)

Our Pelvic Health Specialists are experts in pelvic health and they all have Doctor of Physical Therapy degrees. They will work with you to create a unique clinical program tailored to your needs.

Bloom App

The app connects to the pod for your exercise program. It also gives you access to exercise results and educational resources that focus on behavior change and habit formation.

Bloom Pod by Elvie

Your pod tracks and measures the force, stamina, and accuracy of the pelvic floor, offering real-time feedback and results.

Knowledge Center

Our library offers helpful articles, videos, and insights, all developed by leading clinicians.

Why Bloom?
Retain your top talent by supporting employees with best-in-class benefits, encouraging physical health and well-being.
Bloom is for individuals with vaginal anatomy. We provide an outlet for members who may be less comfortable seeking care in traditional settings.
Pain and dysfunction are distracting. Bloom gives your population the tools they need to reduce lost work days and improve productivity.
Cost savings
Delivering an expected 1.4 return on investment due to improved clinical outcomes, fewer medical specialist appointments, and reduced Rx costs.
Your partner every step of the way

Your Customer Success Manager will create a program as unique as your people, ensuring a seamless launch, and a tailored member experience.

Customized outreach
Customized outreach
Your population is unique. We develop campaigns encouraging your employees to find relief.
Simplified enrollment
Simplified enrollment
Through a number of channels, your employees are guided to a single, easy-to-use online enrollment form.
Reporting and analytics
Reporting and analytics
Access clinical outcomes data such as changes in physical function, mental health and work productivity.
Flexible billing
Flexible billing
Utilization-based billing options include direct invoice, health plan claims, or partner integrations.
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