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Bloom provides sensitive, clinical-grade care for pelvic health. Bloom was built by women, for women and individuals with vaginal anatomy. We understand you.
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1 in 4

Women suffer from moderate to severe pelvic floor disorders

6.5 years

6.5 years is the amount of time women wait to seek care


Women with chronic pelvic pain report reduced productivity

Bloom provides comprehensive care for often-dismissed health issues, including:

Pelvic Disorders

From sexual health, to pelvic pain and complex dysfunctions, you can address your core and pelvic health which can improve intimacy, comfort, and daily life.

Reproductive Health

Improve your pelvic health in any reproductive stage, including preconception, pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause.

Bladder Health
Bladder & Bowel Disorders

Changes to your bladder and bowel function make life challenging. Better pelvic health can help you get the relief you deserve.

Changing the Way You Heal

Our Pelvic Health Specialists are experts in pelvic health and they all have Doctor of Physical Therapy degrees. They will work with you to create a unique clinical program tailored to your needs.

The app connects to pod for your exercise program. It also gives you access to exercise results and educational resources that focus on behavior change and habit formation.

Your pod tracks and measures the force, stamina, and accuracy of the pelvic floor, offering real-time feedback and results.

Bloom device
Your partner in pelvic care

Improving your pelvic health can help reduce pregnancy pain and discomfort, prepare for labor and delivery, and improve total body function through the second and third trimesters.


Once baby arrives, focus on your recovery and minimizing long-term issues, like urinary leakage, hip and low back dysfunction, and pelvic pain.


Bloom helps you navigate perimenopause and menopause with grace, building the strength and endurance to keep your pelvic floor healthy for the future.

Pelvic Pain
Pelvic Pain

1 in every 7 women face pelvic pain. Whether in your professional or personal life, don't let discomfort be your normal. Take control of your symptoms and live confidently.

sexual health
Sexual Health
Sexual Health

1 in every 3 women experience painful intercourse at some point in their lives. Bloom can help relieve pain and improve your intimacy.

Bladder & Bowel Disorders
Bladder & Bowel Disorders

32% of women experience urinary incontinence and 10% suffer from bowel incontinence. Bloom focuses on pelvic floor function to help improve bladder and bowel leakage, frequent constipation, bloating, and pain.

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Danielle's pelvic therapy experience
Danielle, Mom of 3
Sword member, Bloom employee
Moms shouldn’t suffer in silence from postpartum pelvic dysfunction.
Danielle suffered life-threatening complications after the birth of her third child, and struggled for 18 months with her pelvic health. Learn how pelvic therapy changed her life.
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Swati Mathai

Former VP of National Accounts at Anthem

Carol Skorulski

Northeast Region Leader of the US National Segment at Cigna

Brian Marcotte

Past President and CEO at Business Group on Health

Erik Sossa

Former VP of Global Benefits at PepsiCo

Marta Cardeano
Like many, I’ve suffered with chronic pelvic pain for a long time and was repeatedly told that it was normal. For all of you in the same situation, it’s an absolute honor to provide this innovative solution to help people all around the world.
Marta Cardeano
Bloom General Manager

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